Musings from the Social World

Crisis Management

You are one tweet away from a social media crisis

Social Fail

How could Spaghetti O's tweet about Pearl Harbor without offending anyone?

Social Fail

How can a corporate giant drop an F-Bomb on a country and walk away without any repercussions?

Expo 2020 Map

A high level map looking at where the Expo2020 site is going to be

Nov 28, 2013

Expo 2020

See how Dubai beat out the competition round-by-round

Nov 27, 2013

Interview with Rob Bliss

Learn the secrets on how to make a viral video - Rob Bliss has over 25m hits on Youtube and he shares his insight with us.

Nov 26, 2013

Social Fail

This week's #socialfails included a Football player who put his foot in his mouth and a felon using Facebook to respond to his most wanted photo

Nov 23, 2013